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Knits 101 Week: Needles, Thread & Machines!

NEEDLES Whether you use a regular sewing machine, serger or cover stitch machine needle choice is important. There are a lot of different types of needle points, you can find more detailed information about them in this Threads article.  Using the wrong type of needle will often cause small pin holes at the seam of […]

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Knits 101 Week: Stretch & Recovery

  So we have talked a lot about type, content, and weight of fabric this week, and today we are going to talk about stretch and recovery!   Like I mentioned on day 2, some types of knit are naturally more stretchy than others. For example, take a look at jersey versus rib knit.  Even […]

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Knits 101 Week: Content & Common Blends of Knit Fabrics

There are a large variety of natural and synthetic fibers used in fabric manufacturing.  There are also some bio-based fabrics that are not synthetic fiber, but not natural fiber.  They are made from natural raw materials and broken down and processed in a way that creates usable fiber for manufacturing fabric.  You will often find […]

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The Perfect Fitted Cap Sleeve Tee from iCandy (link to free pattern/tutorial)

Recently on Pinterest I fell in love with ‘The Perfect Fitted Cap Sleeve Tee’ from iCandy. It is a cute simple tee that can easily remain causal, layered or dressed up!   Depending on the colors you use it can be part of your wardrobe year round. Unfortunately it does only comes in womens size […]

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Sewing with Knits 101

I have been sewing with knits for a while but as they have become more available more people have started trying them out as well.  Unfortunately they don’t always realize that they sew a bit differently until they finish the first project and it just doesn’t look quite right!  Since I have started sharing more […]

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