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The Perfect Fitted Cap Sleeve Tee from iCandy (link to free pattern/tutorial)

Recently on Pinterest I fell in love with ‘The Perfect Fitted Cap Sleeve Tee’ from iCandy. It is a cute simple tee that can easily remain causal, layered or dressed up!   Depending on the colors you use it can be part of your wardrobe year round. Unfortunately it does only comes in womens size […]

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Sewing with Knits 101

I have been sewing with knits for a while but as they have become more available more people have started trying them out as well.  Unfortunately they don’t always realize that they sew a bit differently until they finish the first project and it just doesn’t look quite right!  Since I have started sharing more […]

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Fix it Tutorial: Nice flat knit collars!

This mini fix it tutorial goes along with my recent post about fixing pants.  It also goes alone with my issue with lots of patterns, though most common with .pdf’s & free online tutorials you will find these issues with some commercial patterns as well.  What is the problem that is?  The wonky knit collar […]

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Tutorial: Upcycled Dress & Clothes From ANY Knit Pattern!

Upcycled dresses, hoodies & pants are currently very popular but can easily cost an arm and a leg.  There is good reason for that, well made garments take time to make & decent knits are not cheap.  I have started making some for the twins & just love how they have been turning out!  Apparently […]

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Wrapless Wrap Baby Carrier

Time for my project for the February Sewing Challenge!  Something for someone you love… I chose to make a sling for the newest addition to our family & he just LOVES snuggling in it while mama works around the house :). I have had this project planned for months & just haven’t managed to get […]

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