I digitize and grade all my own .pdf sewing patterns and started getting asked for quotes to help others, so I have decided to offer .pdf pattern digitizing services.  Between my husband and I, we have over 20 years of web development, tech services, sales and marketing experience.  We strive to provide a service and finished product you can take with you and use and maintain on your own.  We are not looking to pick up projects with long term maintenance or service contracts.

We can provide many of the services needed to produce, sell and market your own products.  The few things we do NOT do are writing pattern directions/tutorials, page layout services for directions, and custom pattern creation.  All finished items created from our services are YOURS to sell or use as you see fit.

logo3Do you have sewing pattern pieces drafted by hand that you would like to have professionally digitized and formatted for at-home printing?  Do you have one size ready but would like to grade it into more sizes?  We would be more than happy to give you a customized quote!

How does it work?  You draft and pre-test your own pattern pieces.  What is pre-testing?  Cut out your fabric and sew up a tester from your actual pattern pieces. You can also have a friend do it as well.  This is to make sure the pieces create a finished item that fits properly.  I highly recommend pre-testing because making changes to the pattern after it is digitized will be quoted and charged at an hourly rate.  If you are going to grade (create multiple sizes) on your own, you will want to pre-test your graded sizes as well.

My pieces go together well and the finished item fits great, now what? First label it, add any markings such as pattern name, fold lines, etc., to the pattern pieces so we can make sure to get them on the digitized version. Now you will want to divide it up into 7.5″x10″ sections with a ruler and draw a 1″ test square on each section.  Next you have two options. The first, which is the most accurate, is to scan each section into your computer, labeling them in order, and email those files to me.  The second option is to take a photo directly above your pattern piece laying on top of a gridded mat.  This second option costs an additional $15 and I can provide an example picture with your quote, if you need to a visual of how to take your photo.  Also, send your logo as an image file.

Then I will ask you a few questions and get to work!  We generally have a 1-2 week turnaround time, though it is often less.  Specific timelines can be discussed during the quote process.  When the pattern is almost finished, we will send you a watermarked copy for you to print out, assemble, and compare to your original.   Check over it carefully and once any feedback and changes (per our work) are made, we will send you an invoice for the rest of the project.  Upon payment, we will send you the final file(s) with the watermark removed.



$45 base pattern/formatting fee – includes adding sizes, your logo and other pattern text, grainlines, etc.
-$15 Discount for patterns submitted via scans with 2″ scaling squares on each page. instead of photo scans or mailed copies.
+$5 per page –- 4 pages would be $20* etc
+$5 per pattern piece — 3 pieces would be $15* etc
+$2 each additional size for each piece — YOU provide the additional sizes.  If you have 3 additional sizes with 3 pattern pieces, then 3×3x$2 =$18*

Total of example above= $45-$15+$20+$15+$18 = $83 for a pattern with 3 pieces on 4 pages in 4 total sizes.

This is for a PROTECTED print only.pdf file only.  This file is not editable.  There is a one time fee of $150 for the editable .AI or .SVG file.  There is a $15 discount for those who pay for the .AI file and choose to label it themselves. You must have access to Adobe Illustrator to access/edit .AI files.

*This is JUST an example of how the rates work.  We do offer certain discounts for large scale patterns like full size adult clothing, as well as certain patterns for small craft items.  Contact us for a project specific quote.

We will combine the finished .pdf file with finished directions at no additional charge.


nicu layout


Have one size ready to be digitized but want us to grade it up and down into more sizes?  All the digitizing rates apply PLUS an additional +$3 for each additional size for each piece on top of the $2 digitizing rate ($5 total per size per piece).  So for the example above it would be 3 pieces x 3 sizes = 9 x $3= $27 ADDITIONAL grading fees.

Digitizing $83 + Grading $27 = $110*

We can also create cutting measurements charts when grading.  There is a flat $10 base fee plus $2 per measurement (size/piece).

EXAMPLE: 2 pieces to be graded into 3 additional sizes.
2 x 3 = 6 measurements x $2 each = $12

$10 + $12 = $22* for a graded cutting chart.

*These are JUST examples of how the rates work.  Contact us for a proper quote.  All grading is done using custom math formulas based on the ASTM measurement guidelines.



Do you have your full size .pdf, .ai or .svg file ready but need it tiled so that can be printed on a home on letter or a4 sized paper?  We can do this for you!  With a 7″x10″ print panel your files can print on both letter and a4 paper without cutting off any lines.  You can choose to have your pages marked with numbers or letters for assembly and you receive a print layout image file with your order that you can use with your pattern directions.

$15 Base Fee (more if they are not in one large single file)
$1 Per Finished Page

EXAMPLE: 24″ x 36″ pattern layout, 16 total pages/panels

$15 Base Fee + (16 pages x $1 page fee)= Total
$15 + (16*$1) = $31

*This is JUST an example of how the rates work.  Contact us for a project specific quote.



Printing Layout Guide: FREE with paid digitizing services

Print Shop .pdf File (A0 Large Format):
$25 flat rate

Flat Sketches/Technical Drawings:
$10 per view
Example: the set below would be $30.









Fabric Yardage Requirements:
$2 per size per view requested.

EXAMPLE: 2 views for 10 sizes.
2 x 10 = 20 measurements x $2 each = $40

Cutting Layout Guide:
$20 per guide

Consulting: $30/hr

Do you have a design or pattern but you need help tweaking it or advice on adjusting the fit? Are you looking for help/advice for your pattern development and design?  Or having technical issues?  Marketing, social media, branding, web development, SEO or blogging? We offer consulting services!  50% of the time will be R&D (research and development) the other 50% will be on a video conference or phone call (phone calls USA and Canada only).  Some cases may involve additional R&D consulting billed at the hourly rate. Consulting services require all payment at time of service.



50% deposit is required before starting any project and the remaining 50% is due upon delivery.  All sales are final once file is approved and final payment is received.