2013-10-09-21.37Do you avoid using some patterns after seeing the number of pages that you need to assemble? Have you tried out any of the EYMM printable .PDF patterns yet? One of the things about our patterns that stands out from the rest is our simple no trim method.  They go together easy, fast and almost effortlessly. I can easily assemble a 24 page adult pattern in 7 minutes! I haven’t been able to do that with any of the other patterns I have purchased :).   I wanted to make a video showing how easy they are to assemble, try out your own EYMM patterns today! All patterns are currently formatted for letter size paper.  Many of our customers who print on A4 love it as well, they just make sure to keep an eye on the pattern lines as the pages on the long sides overlap about 1/8″ less.  In the future we plan on adding Letter & A4 specific downloads. *The Carlie’s & Kymy’s Dolman’s currently use a more traditional method & are currently in the process of being updated.  All other EYMM patterns use the simple no trim method.


QUESTION From YouTube ~ keliebird04:
This is smart, but what about printers that don’t print all the way to the edge? It seems like some of the pattern lines could get lost. I have a paper cutter I use to cut the edges off of my patterns before I tape them together, which seems to be the easiest solution for most patterns.

You match the PAPER edges up with the line. Printers don’t print all the way to the edge unless they are borderless photo printers & that messes with the scaling. These are designed specifically with that factor in mind ;).  Even through there is not printing on the very edge, the space is accounted for.  That is part of why they are different then others currently on the market and so easy to assemble.Most printers pull paper pretty evenly.  On occasion they may not & in that case you just want to reference the other lines around it as well.  The only time and customers have had issues so far is if they trimmed off the wide edge out of habit.

QUESTION  Most common Facebook A4 question:
I am printing on A4 and I have having printing problems that are causing issues assembling my pattern.  I have printed off my pattern but my pages don’t line up to the edge they are all off 1/16-1/8″!   While I can line them up, it is SLOW.
Check your print settings!!!  Always make sure you have print scaling turned to OFF/NONE/ACTUAL SIZE depending on the version of Adobe Reader you are using.  Always download to the computer and THEN open with the free desktop version of Adobe Reader.  The no trim feature works by having the left and top edges overlapping and lining up with the other pieces.  MAKE SURE AUTO ROTATE/CENTER IS TURNED OFF!  This is mentioned around page 5 of most EYMM patterns.

Because the pieces are designed in Letter size they are a .23″ wider and .36″ shorter then A4, so when it centers it, it adds .18″ to the top edge and cuts off .12″ off the side edge.  This adds up to pieces that don’t quite match up!  If you turn auto/center rotate OFF or to PORTRAIT (depends on your computer), it will no longer center them and no longer cut off or add space!

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