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Suit Up for Summer: My EYMM Swimsuit

I am super excited to be joining in on the Suit Up For Summer blog tour and sharing my new swimsuit today! You may be thinking, “But, Joelle, EYMM doesn’t yet have any swimsuit patterns for sale!” … and you’d technically be 100% correct because Kymy hasn’t yet released any swimwear patterns. However, I made this suit […]

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Date Night February Tour: Red Floral Leggings and Scoop-neck Dolman Mash

Living in a small town (I’m talking “population 700” small) where we don’t have any extended family within 60 miles and being the parents of 5 lovely children means that date night doesn’t happen often for my husband and I. On the rare occasion we do go out, it unfortunately doesn’t require a fancy dress […]

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NICU Smock Velcro Guide

Did you know that EYMM has a free NICU Smock pattern? It is one of Kymy’s most highly downloaded patterns, especially in the fall, when it is used in an annual charity sewing drive. The 2016 drive just ended, but if you’re looking for a great way to give back during the holidays you can […]

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Making a Chevron Capsule Skirt

The crisp fall weather each morning has me wanting to sew up all my French terry fabric to keep warm, but the afternoons are still quite warm (we’re supposed to reach 86*F today, which will be a record high for our area at this time of year) … so I “compromised” with myself and sewed […]

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Dreaming of Fall with Striped French Terry

I’ve been dreaming of this shirt since shortly after I received this super soft and stretchy French terry in a Girl Charlee KnitFix last spring. After I got past the “I just want to pet this fabric cause it’s so soft” stage, I decided that it would be too warm for the summer and so […]

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