Red, White, and Pink Tour

I’ve been quiet for the last month because, honestly, I’ve been feeling less than inspired to sew. It’s so cold out that I just want to crawl under a blanket and hibernate! However, when Tibeca of Sewing by Ti announced that … Read More

Celebrate the Holidays: Parker’s T-Shirts For My Kids

Every year, I plan to sew up at least a few Christmas gifts … and most years I don’t finish all that I have planned. Anyone else? No? Just me? This year, I jumped on board with Sewing by Ti‘s … Read More

Monster Mash Tour: Te Fiti Mash-up

My kids have been discussing Halloween for months … and every year they ask me to sew their costumes! So when Ti announced that her October blog tour would be titled “Monster Mash” and would be geared toward either costumes … Read More

Cozy Up to Fall: Day 6

Lore at Five Blessings and Katie at Creative Counselor are rounding out our inspiration on Day 6 of the Cozy Up to Fall Tour! Click the pictures below to read the details and don’t miss out on the coupon code listed … Read More

Cozy Up to Fall: Day 5

Day 5 of the Cozy Up to Fall Tour is here and brings us inspiration from Essence at Adventures With Bubba and Bug, Patricia at With Love in Every Stitch, and Cari at Beri Bee Designs! Click the pictures below to … Read More

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