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My Daughter’s First Knit Sewing Project

Guess what?!? My 9 year old sewed her very first knit garments yesterday! She’s been hounding me for more lightweight Riley’s Nightgowns for summer and apparently she decided she was done waiting on me to get around to them. ūüėČ Yesterday was a no-school day and she asked early in the day if I’d help […]

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Designer Pattern Swap: Easy Peasy Crew and Board Shorties

Like I mentioned on Monday, when I started assisting Kymy late last summer, I discovered that most PDF pattern designers are friends and support each other. Previously, as a customer, I’d just assumed that there was competition¬†(you know, supply and demand and all that). Now I realize that these ladies are not only friends, but¬†sometimes¬†even […]

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Rain’s Flutter Top in Polka Dots

After making a birthday shirt for one little¬†brother this week and then a shirt for myself and one for her littler¬†brother, my younger daughter¬†requested I sew¬†her something that “wasn’t the same as her sister’s.” Apparently, she doesn’t always want to “match” her older sister … which I forget sometimes because it’s just so easy for […]

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“Spring” Four Seasons Cardigans in … Fleece?!?

Today, I made¬†each of¬†my girls a Four Seasons Cardigan from the animal print fleece throw blankets that they picked out a couple months ago. They are so¬†excited¬†that I finally got around to sewing them. I know you’re thinking, “Fleece in April? Has she lost her mind?” I swear, it¬†seemed like an excellent time to make […]

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Riley’s Nightgown for a Growing Girl

After wearing fleece pants to bed all winter, my daughter was excited that the warmer weather meant she could start wearing nightgowns again. But this past week, we pulled out the warm weather clothes and discovered that much of hers is too short, although width wise she can still wear them comfortably. That means that […]

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