Parker’s Tee for Pre-K

My kids went back to school this past week, which means new clothes among other school supplies. My desire to do any “back to school” sewing, however, is kinda killed by the fact that they go to a private school and wear uniforms for kindergarten through 12th grade. I mean, I could sew their polos and navy pants, but I really don’t enjoy sewing plain things and, honestly, it’s cheaper to just buy them. My youngest, though, started Pre-K this year and they don’t wear uniforms! So I got to sew him up a few shirts, including this Parker’s Vintage Fit T-shirt that he wore on Friday for his first day of school!

My baby boy picked out this lion print from the remnant bin during one of our trips to JoAnn over the summer. It’s a 100% cotton print called “Lion Pack” from their Doodles line. He so sweetly asked for matching shirts for himself and my Godson, and who was I to deny such a cute request?


There was just enough length of the remnant to fit his size 6 Parker’s Tee and there was enough room across the width to fit the two fronts and backs, but not quite enough for sleeves or neckbands. That was okay by me, since 100% cotton is not recommended for neckbands anyway because it needs some spandex to recover its shape after being pulled over a head. So I picked out a piece of black cotton/spandex from my stash to use as an accent color for the remaining pieces of the two shirts. Since my Godson lives in Florida, he got a Parker’s Tee hacked into a tank top (which I failed to get a picture of when we visited earlier this month, darn it). For my son’s v-neck with a pocket, however, I followed the pattern to a T.


My son is at the top end of size 5 for girth and is not quite tall enough for the size 6, but I made a 6 anyway so that he’d have some growing room. It’s a good thing I did because he LOVES his new shirt and has said he wants to wear it EVERY school day! Hahaha! I think I’ve got him talked into wearing his other shirts, too, but I guess I’ll know for sure Monday morning!

Have you done any back to school sewing lately? What have you made? If you used any EYMM patterns, we’d love to see you share your creations in the EYMM Fans Facebook group!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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