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Manic Monday Flash Sale!

After the extremely popular Manic Monday Flash Sales the last few months I decided to continue to do the Manic Monday Flash Sale once a month! It is just that manic, lol.  It is a different Monday each month and be announced late the night before (PDT). The price will vary from .99-$5 and will be on a randomly selected […]

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Knits 101 Week: Fabric Weight

The last few days, we have talked about the different types of knit fabrics and common blends of knit fabrics. Today we are going to talk about the different weights of knit fabrics. Weight is a hard thing to judge, as the same type and blend of fabric can have many different weights depending on […]

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Knits 101 Week: Series Info & ENTER TO WIN!

  Being that most of the EYMM patterns are designed specifically for knits, one of the most common questions I get is ‘Where do you find your knits?’  I answer that I purchase some locally, but, since I live nowhere near a fashion district, I do 90% of my fabric shopping online. I then get asked […]

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Riley’s Nightgown for a Growing Girl

After wearing fleece pants to bed all winter, my daughter was excited that the warmer weather meant she could start wearing nightgowns again. But this past week, we pulled out the warm weather clothes and discovered that much of hers is too short, although width wise she can still wear them comfortably. That means that […]

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Callie’s Nightgown is So Cozy

I’ve been meaning to make myself a few more Callie’s Nightgowns ever since I tested the pattern for Kymy way back in January 2014. Last week, hubby and I ordered a new bed and comforter set so I figured this is the perfect time for new sleepwear, too! I love the curved sides of the […]

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