It’s Getting Hot In Here tour

June has arrived (already!?!) … and, with it, the heat of summer is here! That means it’s high time to add to my summer wardrobe, so I hopped on board when Tibeca said she was hosting the “It’s Getting Hot In Here” … Read More

Date Night February Tour: Red Floral Leggings and Scoop-neck Dolman Mash

Living in a small town (I’m talking “population 700” small) where we don’t have any extended family within 60 miles and being the parents of 5 lovely children means that date night doesn’t happen often for my husband and I. … Read More

Day 6 of EYMM’s Back to School Tour: Mom’s Edition

Today Lore at Five Blessings and Magda at House of Estrela are wrapping up EYMM’s Back to School Tour: Mom’s Edition. Click the pictures below to visit their blogs and read all the details … and don’t miss out on the coupon code at the … Read More

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