New Leggings for the New Year

I’m ringing in the New Year tonight on my couch, snuggled with my boys, as we’re all suffering from hacking coughs. We’ve had a rough start to winter and I haven’t made it to the gym since early December. I … Read More

Perfect “Accidental” Coordinate

Way back in February, when I made this jellyfish shirt for my son, I also cut out a pair of ‘Get Moving’ Leggings for myself. They’ve been languishing in my “to sew” pile because I realized after cutting that I … Read More

Trying to Spring Into Color

Spring is almost here and I’m loving the slightly longer daylight hours! I have such a hard time getting creative during the dark winter months. If you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t shown off any new makes for myself since I … Read More

Cozy Up to Fall: Day 6

Lore at Five Blessings and Katie at Creative Counselor are rounding out our inspiration on Day 6 of the Cozy Up to Fall Tour! Click the pictures below to read the details and don’t miss out on the coupon code listed … Read More

Cozy Up to Fall: Day 5

Day 5 of the Cozy Up to Fall Tour is here and brings us inspiration from Essence at Adventures With Bubba and Bug, Patricia at With Love in Every Stitch, and Cari at Beri Bee Designs! Click the pictures below to … Read More

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