Trying to Spring Into Color

Spring is almost here and I’m loving the slightly longer daylight hours! I have such a hard time getting creative during the dark winter months. If you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t shown off any new makes for myself since I made a Piko Top in early October! I’ve found myself reaching for that top over and over this winter, so I figured Tibeca’s Spring Into Color tour would be the perfect opportunity to make myself a Piko for warmer weather!


I was wavering on what fabric to use when I spotted this beautiful rayon spandex over at the Simply by Ti shop. The mauve and orange floral pops just enough to lighten the navy background enough to qualify as springy, right? (If not, don’t tell me cause I’m trying and I’m gonna wear it anyway.) I ordered and it arrived super fast and I tossed it right into the wash, as I was anxious to get it sewn up.

When I pulled it out of the dryer, I realized the leaves match perfectly with the olive double brushed poly that I bought from Simply by Ti months ago for the purpose of making a pair of ‘Get Moving’ Leggings (and never got around to it) … so I went ahead and made myself a whole new outfit this week! I love double brushed poly for leggings, though I used a bit of Ti’s black cotton/Lycra for the waistband since it has a little better recovery when stretched.

P1060630web    P1060639web

I pulled out my copy of the Women’s Piko Top that I used last fall and was getting ready to lay it on my fabric when I remembered how wide it was. While I love the coziness of my French terry version, I decided to size down this time for a look closer to the LuLaRoe Irma. I measured the pattern piece and compared to my measurements and determined that I could go down 2 sizes and still have enough ease to be comfy, although I had to then widen the sleeves to fit my larger-than-normal upper arms (thanks for those genes, Grandma! LOL).

I was so focused on measuring and changing my printed copy that I did not compare the length of front plus back to the length of fabric that I was working with. I cut my front out and then realized I didn’t quite have enough fabric left because I had lengthened my pattern by 5.5 inches last fall. I did that to make myself more comfortable when I paired it with leggings and then kinda forgot that I’d need extra fabric to account for the added length. Ooops! I sat back and thought for a second and then my eyes alighted on the scraps left from cutting out my leggings … color blocking to the rescue!

P1060636web    P1060625web

I first cut what I could of the back from the floral. I let the pattern hang off the top of the fabric, using the curve where the front hem had been cut out as the top of the floral blocking. I carefully marked where on my pattern I needed to cut the olive to make up the shoulder/yoke area of the shirt. My scraps weren’t big enough to fit the entire yoke on the fold as needed, so I cut two mirror images with a seam allowance added on the “fold” edge and sewed them together before attaching to the floral bottom piece. After piecing the color blocked back together, I continued construction as per the pattern. The only other detour I took was to make a neckband rather than hemming the neckline (and this was purely me being lazy since I think neckbands are easier, haha).

After putting together this outfit, I can’t believe there was ever a time that I wasn’t fond of the Piko Top! I can’t wait to wear this over and over until it gets to hot for full-length leggings … and then I’ll pull it out again when the weather cools off next fall!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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  1. Diana Castillo
    | Reply

    How awesome that you found a sewlution for the length issue! The floral fabric is my favorite!

  2. Auschick
    | Reply

    I love how you’ve color blocked those two prints! I have some of that floral leftover and some olive too! Off to work out what I can make!

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