Recapping the Back to School Tour: Mom’s Edition


EYMM’s Back to School Tour: Mom’s Edition is all wrapped up and these 15 ladies showed off some excellent inspiration for caregivers to take a moment out of the hustle and bustle to sew a thing or two for themselves. In case you missed any of the tour stops, you can click each picture below to visit that post.

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9-7-Sewing-by-Ti-web   9-7-Sprouting-JubeJube-web

9-7-Call-Ajaire-web   9-8-Inspinration-web

9-10-capture-craft-cook-web   9-8-Idlesunshine-web

9-9-boutique-birdie-web   9-9-needles-to-say-web

9-11-memade-web    9-11-adventures-with-bubba-and-bug-web

9-10-kellys-sewing-creations-web   9-10-lulu-and-celeste


9-12-five-blessings-web   9-12-house-of-estrela-web


Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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