Feathery Soft Natasha’s Tunic

Earlier this week, I had a “must get out of the house for something other than groceries” moment and took a spontaneous 75-mile trip to the nearest big fabric store. As I was browsing the “value fabrics” at Hancock, I fell in love with this falling feathers print knit. I thought it would make a perfect flowy tunic and decided to sew up Natasha’s Top, Tunic, & Dress pattern, since I haven’t used it in a long time (so long that I couldn’t locate my pattern and had to re-print, lol).


Natasha’s is such a quick sew! I printed the pattern at 1pm and was finished sewing by 3pm … and that includes having to work around the toddler who was trying to drive his truck on my fabric while I was laying out the pattern. Haha! The only “shortcuts” I made were to skip the sash in favor of a belt and to use a rolled hem to finish the bottom edge. I love the wavy playfulness the lettuce edge hem adds.

P1050500   P1050491

Natasha’s Top, Tunic, & Dress is super comfortable, while still being stylish. It is the perfect billowy top for spring and summer (don’t mind my hem blowing in the picture above … it was a bit windy, but we were trying to squeeze pictures in before the rain hit!).

I am so glad I bought extra of this knit because it’s surprisingly buttery soft for being from the “value” (read: “cheap”) section. My girls are fighting over the extra, but I’m thinking it might all end up in my closet! Don’t be surprised if you see it again! LOL

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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