Lace Front Dolman + Leggings = Perfection

I’ve been wanting to make Kymy’s Dolman with a lace overlay on the front for a while now. This week, I realized I had some mint colored stretch lace that matched the ‘Get Moving’ Leggings I’d already cut out and I figured it was meant to be!


It’s pretty simple to add a lace overlay to Kymy’s Dolman. I just cut out the front and back from my solid charcoal-colored fabric and then cut a second front from the mint stretch lace (it’s important that the lace is stretchy, since the dolman is made to stretch over your curves). I laid the lace on top of the charcoal front with the right sides of both fabrics facing up and pinned around the edges (alternatively, you could baste them together) and then I treated it as one piece of fabric while I constructed the dolman. The only changes I made to view D were to add bands to the neckline and sleeves and to add about 5 inches length (to be sure it would cover my booty) and to. The reason I chose to add bands is because I wasn’t sure how easily the lace would fold over for a hem and I didn’t want to risk melting it with my iron.

For the neckband length, I measured the shirt’s neckline and took it times 0.85 (making the band length 85% of the neckline’s length). I wanted it to be narrow, so I cut it only 1.5″ wide. I sewed it into a circle with right sides together and then folded lengthwise with wrong sides together to match the raw edges up. I divided both neckline and band into fourths, marking with pins, then matched up the band pins to the neckline pins with all the raw edges aligned. When sewing the band on, stretch the band slightly to make it the same length as the neckline (be careful not to stretch the neckline, only the band). After attaching it, flip the band up, and top stitch the seam allowance down on the shirt side of the neckband seam. Repeat with the sleeve bands, though they can be cut the same length as the sleeve opening since they don’t need to be stretched around a curve to lay nicely.

P1110764web   P1110768web

I’ve had these ‘Get Moving’ Leggings cut out for well over a month, but hadn’t sewn them up yet because I didn’t have a shirt to match the swim fabric I got from BWD Fabrics. I’m so glad I realized the mint stretch lace I had matched the mint pebbles. I am, however, apparently not very brave about mixing print leggings into my wardrobe because now I’m second guessing how well the top matches. What do you think? Is the lace overlay too much with the pebbles print? Should I make up a solid-colored top to wear with these leggings?

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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