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Fixing HP .PDF Printing Problems!

So let me start out by saying I LOVE HP hardware, they build stuff well, that being said their software sucks! (Well the HP Quick Start App for Windows 8 that works as a proper start menu rocks, but that’s about it).  Once we figured out the Windows 8 printing issues with the Adobe App vs […]

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Fix it Tutorial: Nice flat knit collars!

This mini fix it tutorial goes along with my recent post about fixing pants.  It also goes alone with my issue with lots of patterns, though most common with .pdf’s & free online tutorials you will find these issues with some commercial patterns as well.  What is the problem that is?  The wonky knit collar […]

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Fix it Tutorial: Rise Issues on Pants (Front Pouch or Plumbers Crack)

I must say I love the availability of .pdf patterns especially because of you don’t have to leave the house and the can include lots of pictures.  This makes them a prime choice for many who are new to sewing or get frusturated with traditional tissue patterns like McCalls.  The down side is ANYONE can […]

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Ruffle Pants M2M Gymbo Watercolor Top!

I know, it’s been a while!  I am currently in the middle of cleaning my death trap I call my sewing room for the SM Stash Game I am getting ready to participate in again next month.  So I got a sewing fix for the week & thought I would share.  Look forward to a […]

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Always Look Before Serging!

Just like you were always taught to look both ways before crossing the street, you got to look at your fabric before serging… espeically when half way done with a garment!!!  If you saw my blog post yesterday you know what this is about… the twins Halloween dresses I have been working on.  Well the […]

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