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Quick & Easy Handmade Gift Tutorials

We all get there at one time or another… we forgot to pick something up and need a quick gift OR we are on a budget and want to make some handmade gifts.  Whether looking for something small (cookies almost always go over well here!) or something a little more special there are TONS of […]

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Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze

A few months back while on Pinterest I stumbled upon this recipe from Sweet Pea’s kitchen that was published in Cooking Light magazine.  Anyway recipes I find on Pinterest tend to be 50/50 some rock & some suck!  This one ROCKED.  One loaf lasts less then 12 hours in our house so I have started making […]

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Maternity Dress for Mama! (link to tutorial!)

One of the complications of #5 being a surprise is that #1 I didn’t hold on to a ton of maternity clothes because we were pretty sure we were done #2 I am prego in opposite seasons so the bit I did hold on to is the wrong season!  Finally #3 is I am too […]

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Pinterest FAIL: Not so dried oven dried strawberries…

I have been watching this pin get repinned and have been dying to try it, I happened to have some extra strawberries in the fridge so I decided to give it a wack. I am pretty comfortable in the kitchen & have dried other stuff in the oven (though it has been a while) so […]

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365 Days of Pinterest: Day 12 ~ Unicorn Poop!

This is just another  great thing I stumbled upon on Pinterest and wanted to share for 365 Days of Pinterest! One thing I can say is that I can always find something I haven’t seen before on Pinterest!  Today’s pin is comical yet still tasty :).  If you have a sense of humor I am sure you […]

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