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Quick & Easy Handmade Gift Tutorials

We all get there at one time or another… we forgot to pick something up and need a quick gift OR we are on a budget and want to make some handmade gifts.  Whether looking for something small (cookies almost always go over well here!) or something a little more special there are TONS of […]

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New Calla Lily Skort Upcycle Modification

It has been amazing seeing all the customer photos from the Calla Lily Skort that was released last month.  One of the most common questions I get is how to make an upcycled version with a t-shirt panel like my amazing customer & tester Gina of Baby Fish Designs. Gina was planning to do a […]

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Upcycling is for Boys too!

I know upcycled dresses are all over for girls, but what about those boys?  As a mom of 2 boys it can be hard at times to find cute boy patterns that age appropriate yet school worthy for my 7.5yr old.  Recently a friend asked about boys upcycle patterns & I thought I would share […]

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TUTORIAL: Recycled T-shirt Bag

I have been making the square bottom version of these upcycled/recycled t-shirt bags for years but you either have to do more sewing to create boxed corners or you get these weird pointy, almost yoda like, corners depending on what you have in it.  I decided I wanted to do something with a little different […]

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Tutorial: Upcycled Dress & Clothes From ANY Knit Pattern!

Upcycled dresses, hoodies & pants are currently very popular but can easily cost an arm and a leg.  There is good reason for that, well made garments take time to make & decent knits are not cheap.  I have started making some for the twins & just love how they have been turning out!  Apparently […]

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