80+ Girls Clothing Tutorials


Charm Pack Squares Skirt

Tiered Skirt


Ruffled Skirts Tutorial

Twirly Skirt

Twirly Skirt 2

Drop Waist Twirl Skirt

Ruffled Skirts

Ruffled Skirts 2


Satin Wrap A Tutu

Cut Tulle for a Tutu Using a QUICK and EASY Method!

Oliver +S Lazy Days Skirt

T-shirt Skirt

Wrap Skirt Tutorial

Recycled Fiesta Skirt

Ribbon Tutu

Tiered twirl skirt

Turkey Dressing Skirt


Pillowcase Dress

Pillowcase Dress 2

Cheytown Button Shirt into a Toddler Dress

T-Shirt Dress

Halter Top/Dress

Summerlin Dress

Wrap Dress

Double elastic in the neck dresses

Knot Dress

Magistrate dress

Corset Dress

Patchwork circle skirt dress

T-shirt Dress

T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

Sunny Day Dress and Top

3-in-1 T-Shirt Dress / Tunic Top/ Skirt For toddlers to adults!

Reversible Pinafore Dress

Halter dress with shirred back

Ruffley patchwork dress

Kimono Dress

Bandana Dress Instructions

Kids Halter dress/top From an Old Tshirt

Popover Sundress


Fleece Hoodie

Child’s tee shirt pattern

Childs Sleevless Top

Peasant Blouse

Shirred Dress/Top

Stripwork apron top

Ttank top with shirred straps

Girl’s Gathered Vintage Valance Top

Fairy Wings Shirt Tutorial

Toddler Halter Top Tutorial

“Ruffle Necklace” Waffle Shirt

Shirred Mod Top


Boutique Ribbon Jeans Tutorial

Elastic waist wrap pants

Bandana Pants/Ganchos To make this for younger kids simply measure the rise of their pants & make the rise on these match :)

Ruffle Pants from any basic pants pattern

Elastic Waist Pants with or with out ruffles (the pattern is in one size but can easily be adjusted.)

Toddler Leggings out of shirt sleeves

10 minute pants

Bella Bella Pants

How to Applique Boutique Jeans


Girl’s Pants and Shirt from Woman’s Tunic



Kanzashi flower tutorial

Ten Minute Headband Tutorial

Scoodie Scarf/Hoodie

Lots of bandana clothes for girls & boys

Festive Posies

Flower Headband Tutorial

DIY – Hairbands

Felt Spider Hair Clip

Embroidered Felt Hair Clip

Hair Bows

Boutique Bow Free Instructions

Boutique Hair Bows

How to Make a Christmas Tree Hair Bow Clip

Making Cute Hair Clips

How to make hair bows!

Over 30 Free Hair Bow Instructions

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