Color Me Lucky: Lapis Blue

I’ve (still) been severely lacking in the sewing motivation department. So when Tibeca announced that she would be hosting the Color Me Lucky Tour during the month of March, I hopped on board with hopes that a deadline would kick … Read More

Date Night February Tour: Red Floral Leggings and Scoop-neck Dolman Mash

Living in a small town (I’m talking “population 700” small) where we don’t have any extended family within 60 miles and being the parents of 5 lovely children means that date night doesn’t happen often for my husband and I. … Read More

Valentine Essentials Blog Tour Roundup

The Everyday Essentials Tour finished up yesterday and I can’t believe how quickly this past week has gone! I am so happy for the 10 ladies who joined me on the tour. I think we all knocked it out of the … Read More

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