Pleather(!) ‘Get Moving’ Leggings

Several months ago, I spotted this “wet look” black spandex blend among JoAnn’s performance fabrics and bought it with the idea of “pleather” ‘Get Moving’ Leggings in mind. Once I got home, I realized I was sort of intimidated by … Read More

Floral and Color Blocking for the Win

I knew this floral cotton spandex needed to become a pair of leggings as soon as I saw it. Luckily, I scored a few yards when someone else was thinning out their stash. I was so excited to turn it … Read More

Asymmetrical Drape Top to Tunic Hack

I love the Women’s Asymmetrical Drape Top and have kinda missed wearing it since I’ve started wearing my ‘Get Moving’ Leggings more often. So this week, I decided to add enough length to properly cover my butt so I could comfortably wear it with my … Read More

Lace Front Dolman + Leggings = Perfection

I’ve been wanting to make Kymy’s Dolman with a lace overlay on the front for a while now. This week, I realized I had some mint colored stretch lace that matched the ‘Get Moving’ Leggings I’d already cut out and … Read More

Floral California Cardi Sleeve Mash Tunic

When I first ordered this lovely grey floral, I thought it would make a fabulous California Dress. While waiting for it’s arrival, however, I discovered the comfort of ‘Get Moving’ Leggings and decided I needed more tunics in my life. Also, … Read More

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