Pleather(!) ‘Get Moving’ Leggings

Several months ago, I spotted this “wet look” black spandex blend among JoAnn’s performance fabrics and bought it with the idea of “pleather” ‘Get Moving’ Leggings in mind. Once I got home, I realized I was sort of intimidated by the thought of sewing it and wearing “pleather,” so the idea kept sliding to the bottom of my to-do list. I finally worked up the courage to give it a try and am kind of loving how fierce they make me feel without being too far outside my comfort zone!


The only drawback is that the fabric’s stretch. It barely meets the 50% requirement cross-grain. And, while it has a small amount of stretch along the grain, it doesn’t have enough vertical stretch to be as comfortable as my other leggings. When I sit or squat, they pull down just a bit too much and I have to hike them back up when I stand. I ended up adding elastic into the waistband to help combat that problem. If you give this “wet look” spandex a try for ‘Get Moving’ Leggings, I definitely recommend sizing up since they’re pretty snug.

P1120341web   P1120353web

Despite the tighter feeling, I really do like my new “pleather” ‘Get Moving’ Leggings. For today, I paired them with the Asymmetrical Drape Tunic I made in January, but I’m looking forward to dressing them up for date night!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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