Hack: Riley’s Nightgown to Sleep Sack

For Christmas each year, I sew matching pajamas for my mom’s grandkids. This year, that included two newborns as my sister-in-law had a baby boy in November and my sister had a girl in December. I decided that Riley’s Nightgown … Read More

Raglan + Leggings for the Holidays

Sorry I’ve been a bit scarce this past week. My kids had their school concert, then I spent almost the whole night sewing matching jammies for my kids and their cousins, then we drove 350 miles to my mom’s house … Read More

Hack: Full-coverage Back for Kenzie’s Party Dress

After seeing the dress I made for my younger girl (which was *ahem* the second dress I sewed her), my older daughter decided that she also needed a Kenzie’s Party Dress with signature skirt! She chose all 8 of her … Read More

Parker’s T-shirt to “Sweater” Vest Hack

I love the look of a sweater vest over a button down shirt on little boys and wanted to make something similar for one of my sons this winter. After looking through my pattern stash, I couldn’t find anything designed quite … Read More

Woven Front Parker’s T-shirt Hack

My oldest boy was with me when I wandered down Wal-mart’s fabric aisle last week and he fell in love with this reindeer “sweater” printed cotton woven fabric. He begged for it to be for his Christmas shirt, but didn’t want … Read More

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