15% off YouCanMakeThis.com for EYMM blog readers only!!!

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YouCanMakeThis.com contacts me each holiday season after seeing posts I make about their products & offers my readers special giveaways & discount codes!  Now that fall is here & the holidays are coming they would like to celebrate fall and … Read More

Save 20% on YouCanMakeThis.com

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YouCanMakeThis.com recently overhauled their website and gave it a whole new look. Have you seen it? It’s quite a bit easier to navigate and search now which is a huge plus for me. One of my favorite new features is … Read More

More Tunic/Capri Pics!

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So it was sunny again today (how I am going to miss this!) so while the kids were out playing I snapped some pics… Carlie wasn’t really in the mood but Baylie LOVES taking pictures!!!  They are the best pictures, … Read More

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