Newborn Crochet Photo Props!

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While this little boy is having fun playing games with us I have been passing the time finishing up some crochet projects!  Right now has a coupon code for 15% off all knitting & crochet epatterns found in the crochet/knitting category until 1/31/11!

Crochet coupon code

So I finally decided to buy 3 patterns that I have had my eyes on as photo props, all 3 are from Jaybird Designs on YCMT.  So the last 2 days I have been crocheting away and finished them both up today!  I have already finished both the Angel Cloud Cocoon AND the Stork Pouch… I don’t have a way to take pictures until after the little guy gets here, so here are the pictures from YCMT.

This is my next project, the ‘Snuggle Cocoon & Hat’,  along with a baby blanket :).

I also REALLY love this pattern, but I don’t really need a newborn girl hat pattern right now, but it is SUPER cute!


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    Adorable! I don’t usually crochet baby items but this makes me want to!

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