Day 6 of EYMM’s Back to School Tour: Mom’s Edition

Today Lore at Five Blessings and Magda at House of Estrela are wrapping up EYMM’s Back to School Tour: Mom’s Edition. Click the pictures below to visit their blogs and read all the details … and don’t miss out on the coupon code at the … Read More

Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry Tour

Who enjoys doing laundry?  **crickets, crickets** Nobody? Me, neither! I’ve taught my second daughter how to wash and dry clothes. However, she usually quits on me when it comes to folding and, really, that’s the worst part … especially when I finally … Read More

California Dress Exposed Elastic Waistband Hack

I love having a “faux belt” elastic waistband on my dolman-capsule mash-up. It makes being stylish one step easier since I don’t have to mess with putting a real belt on (and then readjusting it every time my 2-year-old pulls on my … Read More

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