Floral California Cardi Sleeve Mash Tunic

When I first ordered this lovely grey floral, I thought it would make a fabulous California Dress. While waiting for it’s arrival, however, I discovered the comfort of ‘Get Moving’ Leggings and decided I needed more tunics in my life. Also, … Read More

More ‘Get Moving’ Leggings & Another California Cardi Sleeve Mash

I said last week that I’d be making more ‘Get Moving’ Leggings and I wasn’t fooling! I’ve cut out 5 more pairs, but only found the time to sew up one so far. Darn kids thinking they need to eat multiple … Read More

My Chevron California Cardi Sleeved Maxi

I’ve promised myself I will not make another sundress until spring (I’m trying my best to ignore the fact that it’s still reaching 80*F temperatures in the middle of October!), but I really wanted to sew another California Dress this week. … Read More

Putting a Drawstring in the California’s Waistline

I was stitching away on my latest mash-up of the California Peplum with the Four Seasons Cardigan sleeves, when it hit me that it would be super-cute to add drawstring ties to the elastic waistline. I quickly grabbed my camera so I could show how I made this super-easy … Read More

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