More ‘Get Moving’ Leggings & Another California Cardi Sleeve Mash

I said last week that I’d be making more ‘Get Moving’ Leggings and I wasn’t fooling! I’ve cut out 5 more pairs, but only found the time to sew up one so far. Darn kids thinking they need to eat multiple times a day and need clean clothes to wear … it really cuts into my sewing time, lol! 😉


This bright red nylon spandex came in a swim fabric flawed bargain lot that I bought from Girl Charlee a few months back. It’s been sitting in the stash cause I didn’t know what I’d ever use it for at the time of its arrival. I realized last week that it’s perfect for ‘Get Moving’ Leggings!

I’m quickly learning that fabric type makes a big difference in how my leggings are going to end up fitting. This pair is cut to the same size as last week’s pair, but the stretchier nylon spandex blend has them feeling a bit big. After having worn them a while, I think I’ll be taking in the leg seam to make them tighter fitting.

I made my red leggings to go with my new California Dress tunic mashed with Four Seasons Cardigan sleeves. I love the bright colors in this cotton lycra custom knit from Riki Prints. It’s from a past round and I got it through the Riki Facebook group. To make this length of tunic, I cut the California Dress 3 inches shorter than the “above knee” hem line option (for reference, I’m 5’6″).

P1100702web   P1100715web

I love that mashing the California Dress with the Four Seasons Cardigan sleeves makes it easy to sew it up for cooler weather! Combined with ‘Get Moving’ Leggings, it’s a fabulously comfortable outfit that’s still stylish for winter months!

Have you used the mash up tutorial? If so, I’d love to see you share it in the EYMM Facebook group!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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