‘Get Moving’ Leggings are Perfect for Fall

I’ve been meaning to make some full-length ‘Get Moving’ Leggings for fall ever since I made a knee capri length pair to go with my lace yoke hacked dolman. I don’t know why it took me so long to get done, but now I want to make many more pairs!


For these leggings, I used a venezia single spandex that came from Girl Charlee’s KnitFix. This was my first time laying hands on this type of fabric. It feels kind of like lightweight swimsuit fabric (which is generally a nylon spandex blend). I was kind of nervous about how thin it is, but it’s not see-through so I went for it! I’m so glad I did because I love them!

I made my leggings just according to the ‘Get Moving’ pattern and they fit great from my knees up. I had to make a couple small tweaks to make the leggings fit my lower legs perfectly, namely narrowing the leg from mid-calf to the hem and then removing 3 inches of length. All women are shaped differently, especially plus-sized women, so these small changes are not necessarily a “problem” of the pattern. It is, however, an easy part in making custom-fit clothing. That’s one of the major reasons I sew … to have clothes that fit my unique body!

P1100568web   P1100584web

I paired my new leggings with my red cowl neck hacked dolman that I made back in August. The length of View D is just enough to cover my rear end, but I think I’ll be making longer tunics to wear with future leggings …. and, believe me, there will be future leggings! 😉

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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  2. Diana
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    Get Moving Leggings are a perfect addition for any wardrobe, I personally find them very comfortable.

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