Breezy California Dress to Welcome the Warmth

I *think* spring might finally be arriving in my corner of the world. After having snow on Easter and again on the Friday after, it’s about time for some warmer weather around here! I’m hoping that digging out my California … Read More

Celebrate the Holidays: Parker’s T-Shirts For My Kids

Every year, I plan to sew up at least a few Christmas gifts … and most years I don’t finish all that I have planned. Anyone else? No? Just me? This year, I jumped on board with Sewing by Ti‘s … Read More

Off the Shoulder Tour Roundup

The Off The Shoulder Tour is all wrapped up and, as always, the ladies who joined in have blown me away! I’m always so excited to see what each of them creates. I love seeing how other seamstresses bring their … Read More

Off The Shoulder Tour: Day 4

Lore at Blessed x Five is rounding out the the Off The Shoulder Tour today! She made tops for herself and her daughter from beautiful sweater fabric! She also has a $20 EYMM credit to give away to one of her readers! Click … Read More

Off The Shoulder Tour: Day 3

It’s Day 3 of the Off The Shoulder Tour and that means it’s Patricia’s turn! She blogs at With Love in Every Stitch and has sewn a stunning Off The Shoulder Dress! She also has a $20 EYMM credit to give away to … Read More

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