20+ Boys Clothes Tutorials!

The boys clothes is probably my biggest challenge… there just isn’t a out there!  So the tutorials I am sharing are a mixture of how to make your own patterns (mostly from store bought) and recycle or ‘upcycle’ from existing clothing.   Anyways I hope that someone can get some use out of these because I know that boy patterns & tutorials are few & far between!  If you have a tutorial for boys clothes that you would like to share that is not on my list please feel free to post it in your comment.  I am always looking for more :)


Easy kid pants

Easy T-shirt Pants

Bandana Pants

Cuffed Play Trousers

Old Jeans to Toddler Overalls

10 minute pants

Knee Pad Pants


Toddler Outfit From 1 Adult Shirt

Shorts Romper (Tute on page 3)

Quick ‘n’ dirty romper


Shaggy Man Vest

Child’s tee shirt pattern

Argyle Shirt Tutorial


Fleece Hats

Eddie Cap

Scoodie Scarf/Hoodie

Hat and Scarf From Sweater


Lots of bandana clothes for boys & girls

Insect antennae

Little Bow Tie

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