139 FREE apron tutorials & patterns!

Well whats a more universal gift then an apron????  You can make them for men, women, boys & girls… for everyone from your great-grandma to your toddler nephew!  The perfect gifts to start planning for Christmas in July :).  Last month I posted a free tutorial for a personalized girls apron.  Well since I put my girls apron tutorial on my blog I have gotten trackbacks from being listed on 2 different blogs with lists of free apron tutorials & patterns… which I want to share!  Warning, some of them may repeat but its still lots of great patterns!

The first 2 are in all English.  The first one has 50 total all broken down into groups by type of apron…  (mine is #2 for the Children’s Aprons Smiley )


The 2nd one has 54 MORE from on the same site, this was the first list they did back in November!


The 3nd one caught my eye cause it brought a LOT of hits to my blog… I think its Turkish & its hard to find a good Turkish to English site translator… but all the links are to English blogs that I have found! Anyways there are 35 listed here… mine is number 24 on the list… you have to click on the links & it will being you to English sites.  Apparently onluk is Turkish for apron cause its repeated a lot!


Anyways I am sure that you can find at least a few people on your list that could use an apron… with 139 free tutorials I am sure you will find the right one!

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  1. Dee Attwood
    | Reply

    Was a nice place to go to get lost and have fun. Thanks Dee

  2. Karen Peterson
    | Reply

    Thank you for being so helpful. Found just what I needed and am off to make one little 5 year old very happy. (She sleeps with her cookbook.)

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