The Twins ‘Natalie’s Dress’ Easter Dresses

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I actually got the twins Easter dresses done nice & early for once. I bought this fabric last year but loved the dresses I made with the test fabric so I just used those & saved this. So after seeing that I didn’t like what I was seeing in stores, even the Gymboree stuff, I got very excited to make these but I knew if I wanted them done I needed to start NOW. I LOVE the cobalt tulips on it, it is a different color palette then you normally find most Easter dresses (I’m not one for pastels) and it is dressy yet casual at the same time.  I can see them wearing them all spring & summer.  I love how they turned out, as do the girls. Now I just need to get more of the ribbon to make them headbands with flowers to match.

This is the ‘Natalie’s Dress‘ from (save 15% now through March 11th with the code ‘celebrate‘) I have to say I LOVE it, but as a warning like the other dresses I have made from her patterns I found it to run a tad small so I suggest making a tester first. My twins are slim & they can barely get their arms in them because of the shorter style bodices without plackets where the skirt meets the bodice. That being they go together fast & easy and I plan on making lots more of them. The 3 things I did different are:

1.) I gathered the skirt instead of hand pleating it… it was easier & I like the look better.

2.) Instead of doing fabric ties sewn into the side seams I made the dress & then found pretty 2″ ribbon to match… I sewed it on the front of the dress from side seam to side seam with stitching on the top & bottom edge of the ribbon which left ties on both sides. I used 1 yard of ribbon on each, but I think 1.5 would work better for longer ties/bigger bows.

3.) I found that there really isn’t room for 2 buttons, so I just used one small pearly one instead.

Here is their mini-photo shoot… I will get better ones later when they are all decked out… and yes Baylie thinks shes a super model!

Baylie on the left, Carlie on the right!



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  1. lyndamo
    | Reply

    Love the bright blues and greens for spring and goes so well with their colorings. Beautiful, mama.

  2. charlotte
    | Reply

    you have the perfect little models

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! The girls make this dress sooo much cuter!
    It actually looks store bought…

    Any chance we’d see a tutorial? or can I email you a few questions? Please? Please? Please? Please?


    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Sorry not tutorial, it is a purchased pattern that has lots of great pictures :). If you have the pattern & have a specific question I may be able to help you.

  4. Laurie
    | Reply

    Adorable girls and beautful dresses!

  5. jo
    | Reply

    beautiful girls… adorable dresses!!!!
    just noticed that this is almost the exact comment from Laurie ;’)

  6. Emily
    | Reply

    Such gorgeous dresses on such pretty girls! I love the large scale pattern and colors of the fabric. The length of the dresses is awesome!

  7. Jen
    | Reply

    About how much fabric did you need for the dresses? My little girl will be 2 in May, and I’d like to make her on with some fabric I bought a while ago. The dresses turned out beautifully!

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      I think it called for 1.5 or 2 yards? Honestly I don’t remember.

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