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Women's Four Seasons Cardigan & Duster (XS-5X)

 This versatile open-front cardigan has a beautiful drape and plenty of options, including a hood, to allow it to be made and worn year round. Use lighter fabrics and shorter sleeves for the warm summer months and longer sleeves and warmer fabrics for the cold winter months. Not only is it stylish, but comfortable and practical with 2 length options, 5 sleeve options and an optional integrated hood. This pattern includes 10 women’s sizes, misses XS through plus size 5X and works great for both maternity wear and nursing.

Kymy's Dolman Top (XS-5X)

Kymy’s Dolman Top & Tunic is a simple quick sew using knit fabrics. It’s trendy with its multiple hem options and a flattering wide cut boat neck. Not only is it comfy but it’s fashionable and easy to make. Size up or size down for a different fit & style.

This is a simple quick sew using knit fabrics. Even most of my testers who were new to knits and beginners with sewing garments in general, could sew it up in under an hour. Even if the first one wasn’t perfect they were totally wearable and their kids begged for more! With in 2 tries you would have no idea they had just started sewing with knits!

I have also included great custom fit instructions so not only do you get 10 sizes in one pattern, but you also get directions to help make a perfect fit top whether you are petite, tall, slim, plus size or even pregnant! View D works well as a maternity top if made in the same or one size larger than your regular size as long as your fabric has good (50%+) stretch. The View E was a last minute addition, but it makes for a great comfy tunic that is very fashionable with or without a belted waist.

Womens Activewear ‘Get Moving’ Leggings (XXS-6X)

RECENTLY UPDATED!  Newest version available in 'My Account' for those who puchased it in the past.

These low to mid rise, elastic free, yoga style leggings are designed to be almost as tight as performance compression wear when made with more structured 4 way stretch knits. Theory is, the snug fabric actually helps increase and improve blood flow while working out. I just find them comfortable whether running or cleaning the house.

If you want a more casual ‘around the house’ legging, try using an even stretchier fabric and like maternity wear you can make them one size larger. They also make the perfect leggings and long underwear for layering. While the basic pattern has more room in the crotch than most leggings we have also included an optional triangle gusset for those who want just a little more mobility or who struggle with seams pulling at the crotch.

This pattern includes 12 womens sizes, with 3 waistband options and 6 length options.

One of the big reasons we updated it after 4 years is that we have access to a LOT more knit fabrics now and the finished fit can vary based on the knit fabric used, particularly in length. Also more structured fabrics will offer more compression.  Testers feel the newest version made an already awesome pattern even better!

Women's California Dresses & Peplum Top (XS-5X)

The California Dress & Peplum pattern is inspired by summer and Southern California beaches. Dresses are not only a summer staple for style, but they are comfortable for wearing in the summer heat. This pattern includes 4 different lengths, ankle-length maxi, both above and below the knee length dresses and a peplum top that is great with a pair of bermuda shorts or capris. As a bonus, the maxi length also offers a hi-low option and has directions right on the pattern piece for lengthening it into a floor-sweeping length. Not only are there the 4 lengths, but this unique bodice is reversible! That’s right, you can wear it with the scoop neck or the faux-halter style in the front. Last but not least, it has an elasticized waistline that can be worn alone or mix it up with a cute wide or skinny belt in a contrasting color.  With the flowing knit fabric, multiple length options, and reversible bodice this is bound to become a wardrobe staple. As a bonus it also includes 2 pages of directions for adding nursing friendly straps. This women’s dress and top comes in 10 sizes from XS-5X.

Women's Piko Top (XS-5X)

Trends this season are all about flowy, loose fitting, comfortable tops, including the oversized flowy piko style tops.  This trendy style of top has been popular in Europe and Asia and is quick to make, as well as versatile with multiple hem and sleeve options.  It is modest, yet still allows you to stay cool in the summer and the shape makes it easy for hard to fit shapes as-is!  Perfect for those draping knits you find all the time but don’t know what to make out of them.  Not only is it a quick sew, but it is easy to adjust the length for tall or petite body types OR to lengthen into a tunic.

The womens version comes in 10 sizes from Misses XS-XL and Plus Size 1X-5X, but I have also included great custom fit instructions. It is a quick sew with amazing results.

Want to make your own Irma inspired top using this pattern?  Check out Aimee’s Sew it Yourself Irma tutorial that shows you how to use the Hi-Low Piko Top pattern with 3/4 sleeves to make your own!  It's just a matter of sizing down and 1 simple modification.

Women's Calla Lily Skirt (XS-5X)

This flower petal inspired hi-low skirt is a great summer staple! Made with flowy knits it drapes and flows nicely. The faux wrap front with the hi-low hem is inspired by my favorite flower, the calla lilly. You will get a ton of use out of it because of the 3 waist options, 2 skirt lengths, and multiple hemming options. Want to wear it through winter? Not a problem! Pair it with a simple pair of leggings like the EYMM ‘Get Moving Bottoms’. This pattern includes 10 womens sizes misses XS through plus size 5X.

Have an active family & looking for a bit more modesty?  The ‘Get Moving’ Leggings, Capris and shorts for EYMM fit GREAT sewn right into the waistband seem making it into a worry free skort.

Women's Capsule Skirt (XS-5X)

The Capsule Skirt is the perfect piece for the much sought after capsule wardrobe. It is a modern yet classic knit skirt, while being both comfortable and practical. This simple half circle skirt has a knit waistband and much needed hidden side seam pockets. The clean lines are flattering on a variety of figures and this simple garment is a nice, quick sew. The waist hits just below the belly button & the hem is designed to hit right above the knee.

Since we are all shaped differently, there is an additional hemline option for the back piece that is slightly longer and allows for more back coverage for those who need it. We have also included an optional front hemline for maternity wear. Pregnant ladies can wear the waistband under their belly. The maternity cut line shortens the front hem slightly so that when worn under the belly the skirt is not significantly longer in the front. This pattern includes 10 sizes for women from misses XS to plus size 5X including maternity.

Have an active family & looking for a bit more modesty?  The ‘Get Moving’ Leggings, Capris and shorts for EYMM fit GREAT sewn right into the waistband seem making it into a worry free skort or skirted leggings.

Women's Everyday Essentials XS-5X

The Everyday Essentials Set for women is a collection of simple knit undergarments that are perfect for layering. Included are a comfortable sleeping bra, a cami, 2 different length gowns that can be made as nightgown or has a full slip and chemise as well as 2 different length half slips. These pieces are a great inbetween layer for slinking, thin or lightweight dresses and skirts to provide more modest cover of your bra and underwear.

Because everyone has different shape and preferences, 3 different cup sizes are available for each size of the bodice, as well as a variety of finishes for the neck, arms and hem including knit binding, elastic and lace. As a bonus we have also included 2 different lengths of an optional slit! The bra, cami and gowns are all nursing and maternity friendly!

This pattern includes 10 sizes for women from misses XS to plus size 5X.



Freestyle Pants & Capris for Women

The Freestyle Pants and Capris are a versatile take on the 90’s harem pant.  These bottoms are comfortable, practical and trendy all at the same time.  With all the options available, one can simply use different fabric and/or styling to create bottoms that are classic, bohemian or urban.  They are perfect for the free spirit, hipster and classic or trendy fashionistas.  The drop crotch is roomy but not so saggy/full that it reachs the knees.  This pattern offers 2 length options, 2 front waistbands, 3 hem options and is available in 10 women’s sizes, misses XS-XL and plus sizes 1X-5X.

Women's Off the Shoulder Dress & Peplum Top (XS-5X)

The ‘Off The Shoulder Dress & Peplum Top’ by EYMM is a simple and modern top and dress with an inviting neckline finish. The upper and mid sleeves are fitted, with a looser, open wrist and a longer length. Unlike many cowls that have unfinished edges, this cowl neck is completely finished. The simple tucks added to the cowl keep the distinctive drape lines, whether you’re sitting in one place or moving around. The dress has 2 lengths, 2 sleeve lengths and 2 bodice length options, plus the peplum top looks great with jeans or slacks. You can use a variety of knit fabrics from cotton lycra jersey knits to warm sweater knits for the bodice and skirt. You can also use a large variety of woven fabrics for the gathered skirt option. Dress it up or down with different fabric types and colors. The women’s version comes in 10 sizes from misses XS to plus size 5X.


FREE Make it Maternity Add-On

This simple little universal add-on is a one-size-fits-most solution to help you turn your favorite top, tunic and dress patterns into a maternity-friendly wardrobe.  When I was pregnant with #4 and #5, I decided to skip the expensive or unflattering maternity clothes currently in stores and wear regular tops and dresses that were either fitted and stretchy or flowy.  The only problem was near the end they were all getting to short!  So I used this method to make some longer maternity clothes that I could easily trim and re-hem into regular tops when I was done having babies.

This is a tutorial add-on that is 2 pages and includes just 2 small pieces.  The 2 included pieces are used to alter the paper pattern piece of almost any pattern that's front piece is cut on a fold.

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Bundle & save!  10 of our most popular patterns that include easy modifications for making them maternity as well as our free bonus ‘Make it Maternity’ add on.  Even with the mods these pieces are perfect for post partum wear!   The Four Seasons Cardigan needs no modifications and also works as a nursing cover.  The California dress includes a nursing modification as well!

Why spend tons of money of maternity clothes that you don’t love and only wear for a few months when you get patterns to make some that you can wear for much longer and suit your taste?  Plus you can use these to make non-maternity clothes as well.

This bundle retails $98.50, when you bundle and save you save over 40%, making it less the the full price of 1 new maternity outfit most places.  From tops, dresses, pants to even a nightgown & nursing friendly sleeping bra, you can make nearly and entire wardrobe with this bundle.


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