My First Brush with Brushed Poly

Brushed polyester spandex seems to be taking the online fabric world by storm lately (at least it is on social media). It had certainly piqued my curiosity, but I’ve been *trying* to work my way through my rather large stash before buying anything new. So I was thrilled when Kelly at So Sew English offered to send me some to try out!

** Disclaimer: I received this fabric free to review for the So Sew English online fabric shop. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. **


To be honest, I didn’t want to cut into this floral at all when it arrived. It was so soft and cozy that I just wanted to wrap up in it and stay there forever! Haha! In other words, it didn’t take me long to figure out all the hype online about brushed poly spandex! Because of their affordable prices and great fabric, orders recently exploded for So Sew English and their website says the current processing time is 30 days, but they are working hard to grow the business (adding new employees and moving to a new location) to meet demand and bring their ship times back down to one week.

Once I extricated myself from the yardage long enough to put it in the wash, I started debating what to make with it. I settled on cutting out a sized-down Asymmetrical Drape Top since I love the close fit (so, keep in mind, that if you sew this pattern according to your measurements it will fit you looser than this top fits me). Even though I lengthened the body of the top by 4 inches, I was thrilled to find I still had enough fabric to also cut out a pair of ‘Get Moving’ Leggings (which I’ll show off in a future post since life didn’t allow me enough “free” time this week to sew both).

p1160386web   p1160373web

The brushed poly is thick enough to be opaque (perfect for ‘Get Moving’ Leggings!) while still retaining enough drape to semi-camouflage my tummy rolls (perfect for the Asymmetrical Drape Top). The added length on the top means I can comfortably wear it with my “denim” leggings I made this fall by pulling the hip band down below my butt. The drape of the fabric means that my new top also looks fabulous if I pull the band up on top of my hips and pair it with jeans!

The only mistake I made was that in being careful to conserve fabric and make sure I still cut mirror images of the pattern piece, I accidentally cut two pieces with scooped front necklines instead of cutting one with the higher back neckline. Since it was too late to go back, I decided to just roll with it (plus, it shows off my tattoo, lol)! To make my top with two “fronts,” I just had to change the length of the neckband. I measured the new neckline and cut the band to be 80% of the length (new neckline length times .8 equals new band measurement).


 I love love love my new floral Asymmetrical Drape Top and this will definitely not be my last garment made from brushed poly spandex. I’ve got to get sewing faster to use up my fabric stash so I have a reason to order more of this dreamy fabric! Have you tried brushed poly yet? If not, I highly recommend it!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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  2. Miranda
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    Joelle, your new hairstyle is so cute on you! I’ve not sewn with poly/spandex yet, but as usual, your project is encouraging me to get some to try out. That floral is lovely. I’ll check out So Sew English. 🙂

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