Freestyle Harems Times Two

Inspired by the Manic Monday sale, I sewed up a pair of Freestyle Harem Pants for each of my girls!


Obviously, they were in a bit of a goofy mood while taking pictures! My younger girl got a couple pairs when I hacked the pattern to add pockets and a yoga waistband last year, but the blue ones are getting short and she wanted a new pair. I hadn’t yet made any for my oldest, but she’s outgrown her sweatpants so I figured this was easier than taking her shopping! LOL

P1120285web   P1120263web

For my 10-year-old, I made a size 14 with 3 inches added to the length (um, she’s taller than me now!) and hemmed them since she doesn’t like the feeling of cuffed pants. So that the legs wouldn’t get too narrow too high up, I cut the pattern at the shorts line and added the 3 inches there before taping back together. I used a lightweight cotton spandex blend that I got in a bargain lot from Girl Charlee.

My 8-year-old (yes, there’s only two years between them despite the nearly 18 inch height difference!) nabbed onto this purple and pink printed rayon blend as soon as I opened my Girl Charlee KnitFix bag. I am not crazy about the print, but knew the drapey rayon would be perfect for Freestyle Harem Pants! Hers are a straight size 10, though I could have taken a little length off since she’s shorter than the pattern height. Luckily, the cuffs hold the bottoms up on her ankle and the legs just pouf over the top a little and will give her lots of growing room!

P1120268web   P1120297web

I love how little sister watches and mimics the big sister! She’s thrilled to have “matching” pants, haha! I also love how quickly Freestyle Harems sew up … it took me longer to trace out their sizes and cut fabric than it did to sew them! I think I’ll make a pair in my size to help kick off the Freestyle Harems Blog Tour coming next week!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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  1. Patricia
    | Reply

    I wish I’d read this before I made mine up. I can see that adding the extra length where you did makes a load of difference.
    They look lovely!

    • Joelle
      | Reply

      Yeah, with pants it’s usually best to add length in several places throughout the leg to keep the width proportions right (this is especially important with leggings! There’s always “next time.” 😉

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