Experimenting with Freestyle Harems

During the Freestyle Harem Pants testing phase, I made myself a pair and decided that, while they are super comfortable for lounging around the house, the baggy harem style isn’t something I’d normally wear out of the house. So I’ve been meaning to experiment with sizing down and this week I finally picked out some sale fabric and found the time to make myself some capri-length harems. I am loving this pair!!


When I pulled my pattern out, I realized that the pair I’d made before were already one size down from my regular size (I probably got confused since I need a larger size bottom than top, lol … it’s okay since I wasn’t an official tester). I measured across the leg/hip from mid-way up the front rise straight across to the back rise and decided to attempt going down two more sizes since the intended looseness meant they should still fit around me. They are still loose enough to be comfortable and retain the harem style, but not as roomy as the original sizing intends. I’m so glad I tried sizing down because this fit is much closer to my regular style. I’m even planning a few solid-colored pairs to wear out and about!

I didn’t have enough narrow elastic for the back waistband, so I used the yoga waistband hack and also skipped putting in the pleats. If you try sizing down and want to use the original waistband with back elastic, I would suggest using the elastic measurement from your normal size (based on your waist measurement).

The other change I made this time was to put in pockets. I used the Capsule Skirt pocket because it was close by, but there’s a free multi-size pocket pattern available in this post if you need one.  I added them without making a side seam like I did on my daughter’s pair because I didn’t want the seam to interrupt the fabric print. There’s a bit of gathered messiness at the top and bottom of each pocket, but it’s not too noticeable since the pants are drapey and loose-fitting. I think I’ll be experimenting some more and try something closer in construction to a welt pocket. Stay tuned!

P1080232web   P1080228web

My new Freestyle Harem Capris will be wonderful to wear on cool fall mornings and yet not need to be changed when the afternoon undoubtedly warms up each day. I think I’ll be making some more!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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  1. Vicky
    | Reply

    I love those pants. It’s people like you that encourage me that sewing your own clothes to fit instead of buying stuff that fits incorrectly is more fashionable.

    • Joelle
      | Reply

      Aww, thanks! It truly means a lot to hear that my posts are inspiring. It’s so much easier to feel beautiful in clothing that fits well … and we all deserve to feel beautiful!

  2. […] middle of the fabric’s print on each leg! The vertical welt pockets look so much nicer than my last attempt at adding pockets with no side […]

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