After Christmas Shopping!

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I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays & got to relax a bit.  We had a great Christmas & currently still riding the after Christmas high!

I plan on going out to a few brink and mortar stores this evening to check out the post Christmas sales, but I got a lot of emails in my inbox this morning & have been doing some online shopping as well.  I am surprised at how many online retailers are having stuff 50-80% off already… everything from craft supplies & fabric, seasonal items & even just over stock toys!   One of the best parts?  One of my favorite money earning/saving sites Ebates is still offering double % cash back at a lot of stores until the end of the year!  If you haven’t signed up for ebates or signed up & just haven’t used it yet I have a long post from about a month ago here.

I saved a ton of time & money this year buy shopping online and at least half of my purchases, if not more, qualified for cash back with Ebates!  I do use it year round as some of my favorite most used sites such,,,,, & even all offer cash back through Ebates.

I currently have at least $85 cash back pending (there are a few new transactions that have yet to post) for my Feb. 15th check, mostly from the last months worth of holiday shopping, and to add to my savings I also save instantly finding coupon/discount codes on Anyway now is a great time to stock up on things like inexpensive birthday gifts (Target has some great toy sales), Christmas gifts & decorations for next year as well as holiday craft supplies like fabric.

For those of you with school age kids enjoy the rest of your holiday break & lets get ready for 2011, I know our family has a lot of exciting big changes ahead & I am looking forward to them :).

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