Emmy & Emma the Earthworms!

So recently I participated in a holiday in July swap on Sewing Mamas and one of the items I received was a neat snake from Angel_7971 that was fought over by all 3 of my kiddos… she was nice enough to email me the link to a free pattern that she used/modified. I like the way she did hers better & will do the same in the future… its is longer which is the big thing.

Currently they just have marker eyes & mouth though I do plan on embroidering them eventually… the twins were getting too excited & I barely got them sewed close! The pattern is for Eddie The Earthworm, but of course since they are girls they we named them Emmy & Emma instead .

The pattern can be found on etsy for free!  They go fast… you can always just convo her & she can email it to you directly .


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