Surfer Chic!

Well I fell in love with this fabric 2 years ago when I first got some at JoAnns.  I bought a whole bolt when I went back with a 40% off coupon.  At the time I was making & selling pouch slings for babies & it was my most popular seller.  Well I had stuck a few yards of it away, I just couldn’t sell the last of it, even though I only had a boy at the time.

So a few weeks ago I saw a sew & show of the Strapy Dress Pattern on You Can Make This & decided it was worth buying the pattern & cutting my hoarded fabric!  I love that when you buy their patterns you can print them out right away, and they are also really good for beginners because they have tons of photos.

I really do like the basics of the pattern the style is adorable & is very easy to make your own with a few little changes!  If you are a seasoned sewer you may skip over most of them like me, but they are great for a beginner.  The over all fit & size of the dress is great.  I think that these would be great over leggings or jeans with a shirt underneath for the winter!

I did change a few things… I made wider straps, added the accent strip on bodice/waist, made a fuller & longer bottom edge ruffle & shorted the elastic 1″ to fit my petite girls a little better! So after a few hours of cutting, sewing & LOTS of gathering… 4 hours total later this is what I got.

Now for the action shots!!!  So after 2 days of cranky teething toddlers & yucky rain I decided to just take pictures anyways.  To start off they did not want ME to put clothes on them & wouldn’t let me near their hair.  Then they wanted to run around & put more clothes on top (all my kids LOVE clothes Smiley )So they are by no means great pictures cause I have a dark old, ex-rental house… which is why I prefer outside photos.  But they are action shots none the less!

My no itch twill stamped size tag that I made (thanks to the Sewing Mamas forums 🙂 )

The back on Baylie…

Miss Carlie Paige!

Miss Baylie Ann!

Baylie on the left & Carlie on the right.  They LOVE sitting in their 2 seater ‘time out’ chair.

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