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What is better then a free pattern or tutorial??? How about a website full of free instantly printable Burda patterns with support forums & sew-a-longs!!! So I was reading some blogs & clicking on random links today… with my back messed up right now thats all I am really good at. Anyways I don’t know what blog or post I clicked through, but some how I fell upon this Burda Style Open Source Sewing site! It has 64 patterns for a variety of things for clothes, bags to things for the home! I was a little bummed that it doesn’t have more kids stuff, but thats okay, its about time I started to sew for myself!

There are even picture galleries of completed projects, & you can even upload your own! Well I hope that I can share my find with at least a few people who will enjoy & utilize it.

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    Wow…I just registered. I love free sewing things!
    Have you ever seen the blog Sew, Mama, Sew? She has a gazillion tutorials over there–and a lot of it is stuff that is perfect for using up your sewing stash!

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