Freestyle Harems Blog Tour: Sew Sophie Lynn

Tami from Sew Sophie Lynn sewed up a gorgeous tween sized pair of Freestyle Harem Capris for today’s stop on the tour. Her daughter approves and they look fabulous! Click the picture below to see more great pictures! Make sure … Read More

Freestyle Harem Blog Tour: Sew Far North

Today, Patricia from Sew Far North is showing off her beautiful navy print pair of Freestyle Harem Pants. She rocked them so hard that now her daughter-in-law wants a pair! Click the picture below to go check out her post! Make sure … Read More

Freestyle Harems Blog Tour Kick-off

Did you pick up the Freestyle Harem Pants on last week’s Manic Monday sale and need some inspiration to sew up a pair or three? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re kicking off the Freestyle Harems Blog Tour, featuring … Read More

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