Asymmetrical Drape Top with a Scooped Back

Guess what I did this week!?! I got a tattoo of a sewing machine heartbeat! So, of course, I had to sew up a few shirts that would show it off. ūüėČ

I was flipping through my patterns to see what I had with an open-ish back and thinking about how much I love the¬†Asymmetrical Drape Top, when inspiration hit. I decided to try using the scooped neckline meant for the front on the back, too! Turns out, it’s perfect for my new tattoo!


To re-create this scooped back hack, you first need to cut two bodices with the “front” neckline instead of one “front” and one “back” neckline. You’ll also need a longer neckband than the listed measurement. To figure the length needed, measure the¬†scoop neckline¬†for your size and take it times 2 (for front and back total). Then take that total¬†times .85 (to find 85% of the length) to figure how long your neckband needs to be. If your fabric is very stretchy like mine, you can even go as small as 75-80% of the neckline measurement. Having the band smaller than the actual neckline helps it lay flat in the finished garment.

After you’ve changed the back neckline and cut a longer band, you can simply follow the pattern directions to construct your shirt normally. The only other difference I made was to line the neckband seam up with the shoulder seam so that it wouldn’t be in the center of the back scoop. ūüėČ

P1040460   P1040495

I just received this rayon spandex blend jersey in the mail this past week. I bought it from a member of the KnitFix Facebook group who decided it wasn’t her style (or maybe she was just raising funds for this month’s fix ;-)).¬†The¬†white honeycomb on blue jersey was part of¬†Girl Charlee‘s February KnitFix and¬†I’m glad she didn’t use it because I love the scale of the print!

I thought this was the perfect week¬†to hack the Asymmetrical Drape Top¬†since it was¬†marked down earlier this week for¬†the Manic Monday Flash Sale. Were you one of the many who scooped it up on¬†sale? If you missed out, you’ll have to check back for next month’s Manic Monday! Keep and eye on¬†the EYMM Facebook page or join the EYMM Facebook group to see when the next sale¬†will happen and to show off your EYMM creations!

Happy Sewing!!  ~ Joelle

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