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Well they aren’t 100% finished yet, but they were done enough for the twins to wear to preschool & too darn cute not to share now!  They are made using the “Bundle: Corset, Layered Tulle Skirt, Peasant Top + Bonus eBook!” from back when they had one of their discount codes. I have to say they turned out almost exactly as I had planned.  I still have to finish the white long sleeve peasant top for trick or treating on Halloween as well as glue tassels onto the end of the ropes.

I was very pleased with the pattern except for the fact that it is one of the original/first e-books/patterns that came out in 2006 and it leaves you doing a little guess work math wise, but I still think it was totally worth it!  The only change I am going to make is that I am going to shorten the underskirts & tulle about 2″ because 1.) It doesn’t need to be as long as it is and 2.) The proportions just look a tad off to me.  Not only did they turn out cute but considering some of the pricier fabrics & notions I chose they were still just shy of $20 each to make.

Anyway enough chat, time for a few pictures!  These are just quick cellphone shots, I will get more of the completed outfits this weekend.

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  1. Jocelyn LaFavers
    | Reply

    Oh my word!!! CUTENESS!!!!

  2. Debra
    | Reply

    Darling! I would just give them all of my candy!

  3. mollie
    | Reply

    Love them! Also love how their eye patches are on opposite eyes!

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      Yeah the opposite eye patches & earring was so I could tell them apart in the pictures!!! lol Originally I was going to use gold tulle on one & silver on the other but the store didn’t have enough of those colors!

  4. Lynda M O
    | Reply

    Definitely picture worthy !~!

    (asking if we can take a photo of the cutest costumes has been a yearly tradition. this year – no camera.)

    Excellent seamstress-ing there, mama.

  5. KellyS
    | Reply


  6. MacK
    | Reply

    Arr… great little pirate ladies!
    Good work.

  7. Ros
    | Reply

    Wow, they look fantastic, I cant believe they are “not finished yet” poeple with faint from their cuteness if you make them any cuter!!

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