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For those of you that follow my blog regularly you know that the last few months, and especially the last 4 weeks, I have been sewing a crazy amount of super hero capes for Etsy orders.  In the over 300 I have made in the last few years I have only seen pictures of a few.  So I was excited when a friend on a children’s clothing forum I visit decided she couldn’t hold onto her kids capes until Christmas so she gave them to them early & sent me pictures!!!

Seeing them so excited made my heart melt & has given me the courage to tackle this last big week of sewing & the 66 capes I am currently finishing up!!!  The nice thing is they will all be in the mail in the next 2 days & I can finally relax for the holidays & do some sewing for my own family :).

Her twins, Tyler & Lily, are almost 2.5 & Lily’s expression in the first picture says it all!!!  Thank you Allison for sharing pics of your adorable kiddo’s :).


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  1. Jenica @ Pumpkin's Boutique
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    Those pictures are so cute!! I also love seeing pictures of kids in the stuff I make for them. You put love and care into a creation and then mail it off into the great unknown. It’s so heart warming to see someone enjoying them. Great job and good luck getting the rest of your orders out and getting your own Christmas sewing done!

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