Day 8 ~ Swaddling Blankets, Cloth Wipes & Sheets!

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Wow I managed to find some hidden motivation tonight!!! I made up a large order of cloth wipes and managed to cut to many so then made some as an extra treat for a swap buddy. I then decided to use up some scraps to make Parker some cute little monkey ones with the organic bamboo velour scraps. So I made up 40 double layered wipes total. That’s 80 8″X8″ cuts & I get 20 out of a yard of flannel. So that’s 4 yards! I cut squares with my rotary cutter & then free handed the corners right on the serger, not to bad for the first time doing it!

THEN I made a super soft flannel Pack ‘N Play sheet for my swap partner to. Of course the snuggle flannel I bought from JoAnn’s managed to shrink more then usual so I had to cut it weird & used the whole 1.5 yards with a bunch of tiny scraps instead of the normal 1 yard I get with almost no scrap.

I thought I was done, then when getting ready to turn off the lights in my sewing room I found the muslin I had been looking for! SO I made 6 extra large (44″X44″) muslin swaddle blankets. I managed to sew up 13 yards of fabric tonight!!!

Aden + Anais has made these muslin swaddling blankets popular & I have wanted them since I saw them but I an WAY to cheap to pay $45 for 4 thin blankets. So I went & bought the cotton muslin & made some… they cost me about $2.33 each.

Now I have the them in the wash to soften up the fabric & make it all crinkly! You know the reason why no one likes ironing muslin, but the more you wash it the softer it gets.

I have seen a bunch made with cotton gauze too on etsy for around $18 each, but the fabric is $12+ a yard around here & my blankets are 1 1/4 yards each, so they are a lot pricier & the fabric is thinner & doesn’t last as long. I can’t wait to see them all dried up & soft. I again just cut squares & free handed the corners right on the serger!

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  1. Angie S.
    | Reply

    Wow! You were one busy lady!! I love the wipes and things. Very cute! :0)

  2. Peta
    | Reply

    Nice work Kymy.
    I made my own wipes and muslin swaddles too.

  3. Kimberly Johnson
    | Reply

    How do you make the muslin swaddles? And what type of muslin do you use, the cheap muslin from Jo-Ann’s or Kona muslin. It looks like you just cut the fabric into a square and then used the serger to round the corners. Thanks for the answers, so to ask so many question.

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      It was just the cheap stuff but they have a bunch & I’m not sure which one… honestly I know the feel of the one that gets super crinkly when washed so I just feel them & buy it. It is important that it is 100% cotton and NOT permanent press. Your right I cute big squares & serged them!!! I’m not sure how the Kona muslin washes up honestly?

      Cotton diaper gauze is what a lot of the ones on the market are made of, it’s soft & crinkly but thinner & not cheap.

  4. Linda
    | Reply

    Do you serge, turn and topstitch or just leave serged edges exposed? and these are two layers, right? These have me very intrigued since I am sitting here looking at 3 BOLTS of Moda muslin in my stash…..

    • Kymy
      | Reply

      They are just serged & just 1 layer. The whole point is they are supposed to be thin, yet easy to swaddle with… less bulk so you can get them nice & snug!

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