24+ Techniques & Alterations

One of the best tools for sewing today besides a good friend is the interenet!  There are so many forums & websites that can help answer just about any question.  This has helped me find lots of tutorials on different techniques, alterations & other skills!

Freezer Paper Stencil

Gathering with a Serger

Monograming Without an embroidery machine

Childrens Pants Altereations for Skinny Waists

Full Bust Alterations (or Adjustments) ~ FBA

Neckline Binding for Knits

Princess Seams: not just for princesses anymore

Frills and ruffles for flamenco dresses

Fabric Folding

No-Itch Twill Tape Tags & Clothing Labels

Adding pockets to your pants

Bias tape

Button holes

Frugal sewing

Gathering with clear elastic

Resizing a pattern

Serger stitches

Duct Tape Dummies ~ Cheap & Unique alternative to a dress form!

Sewing Stunt Double-Dress Forms
Gotta Laugh Double Dummy
Etsy Labs: Dress Form Tutorial
DIY: Duct Tape Dress Form, HOT!
Duct Tape Dummy
Duct Tape Dummy 2
Duct Tape Dummy 3

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