A Wild Asymmetrical Drape Top

After talking my daughter into modeling the mash-up dress in the cold weather last week and then not letting her keep it (since it was made as a birthday gift for another girl), I knew I needed to make it up to her. Since she loved that blue animal print so much, I used the left-overs to make her an Asymmetrical Drape Top!


I had just enough to squeeze out the front, back, and neckband so I made a simple hemmed version. I used the size 12 pattern that I’d already had traced because I was too lazy to make a size 10 copy (which is the size she actually wears). I figured this way she could wear it longer … but I didn’t take into consideration that the bottom hem would be too big to sit snugly on her size 10 hips. So I’ll be adding a black band to help it stay up where she wants it.

P1110954web   P1110952web

My girly was thrilled to get a top in the fabric that she loves! She says she’s going to wear it everyday that she doesn’t have school (because she wears a uniform to school)! I love it when my kids are in love with my creations!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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