“Spring” Four Seasons Cardigans in … Fleece?!?

Today, I made each of my girls a Four Seasons Cardigan from the animal print fleece throw blankets that they picked out a couple months ago. They are so excited that I finally got around to sewing them.


I know you’re thinking, “Fleece in April? Has she lost her mind?”

I swear, it seemed like an excellent time to make these cardis when snow was falling … um, YESTERDAY! Why, yes, it really did snow at my house for several hours yesterday. So when my girls got home from school and asked me to sew up the fleece cardigans that I’d promised to make, it seemed logical at that moment to say yes.

Though, today, with the snow all melted and the temperature back in the 60s, it seems just a bit silly. 😛


The only change I made to the Four Seasons Cardigan pattern was done because I was upcycling throw blankets. I utilized the blanket-stitched edges for the cardigan hems. I first placed the printed blanket’s corner in the bottom front corner of the cardi front, then also aligned the bottom of the back and the wrist edge of the sleeves on the black blanket’s edge. This made the project go super-quick because the only hemming I had to do was the hood’s front edge!


Despite the animal print (which just isn’t my style), I love the end result and so do my girls. They have decided that they want to wear the cardigans in place of jackets for the cool mornings when they get on the bus at dawn.

Sewing fleece cardigans in Springtime might seem a little funny, but oh well … my daughters are thrilled to have them made and that’s what really matters, right? Having happy recipients to a quick and easy project is the best feeling!

Happy Sewing!!  ~  Joelle

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