Sunshine is here & feeling inspired!

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I must say we have been lucky for the ‘Seattle area’ this year… Summer normally arrives July 5th after getting rained on the 4th but this year it showed up around mid May and has actually managed to stick around so far.  The last few days were warmer then average for us at around 86/87 at our house today but the killer has been the humidity, it has been averaging 68%+ which is high for us in the summer and in turn makes it feel much hotter living in an area were nearly no one has AC.  Between the sunshine & school getting out I have had little to no time to sew/craft.  Heck I haven’t even managed to stay on top of the chores!

That being said after a long weekend I decided I really want to make Kenzie something for the sunshine.  I mean the girl has lots of cute stuff but she is my last and growing WAY to fast!  This is my last chance to make cute infant sundresses/rompers for my own little ones.  SO next up on my list is Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop’s Adelaide Vintage Romper.  I plan on making it quite similar except with navy blue/white chevrons and white piping.  Hopefully I can get it done in time for our big block party on the 4th.


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