Dear Santa….

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I promise I have been a good girl this year & I would LOVE one of these for my sewing room wall 🙂  I can just imagine having one 2′ tall & 4′ wide above my sewing table.

So I know having your thread exposed isn’t ideal but my sewing room doesn’t get direct sunlight and has curtians so I am okay with it being on the wall.  I would love to be able to get my serger thread up on the wall with everything else, not only is it easy to get to and see what you have, but it’s just so dang pretty!!!!

The best part?  The blog that I found this on thanks to another sewing mama,  Sugar Bee Craft Edition has a FREE TUTORIAL!!!  It is super simple to make & requires very few tools… so if your looking for a way to spruce up your sewing space or looking for a great sewing related gift here you go!


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